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6m Bell Tent Application

Jul. 11, 2018

The 6m bell tent has room for everyone!  It can comfortably sleep 6-8 people, or can be used as a lounge tent, or meditation space and can seat up to 20 people around the inside perimeter.

Made from durable 320gsm cotton canvas and 540gsm zipped-in ripstop PVC groundsheet, it is designed to withstand all weather conditions - wind, rain, and the harsh rays of the sun. 

It also has the added feature of TWO doors, on opposing sides of the tent.

Ideal as a stylish temporary outdoor entertaining space - pitch it for family gatherings, parties, festivals, weddings, retreats, meditation groups, massage spaces... the list could go on! 

When the sun's out, unzip and roll up the side walls, whilst making use of the (unzippable) mossie-proof inner walls and doors - enjoy the breeze flowing through the tent, whilst giving you plenty of protection. 

5m Bell Tent can add your own personal touches with furnishings, bunting, lights and rugs, and voila... a beautiful home away from home under a billion stars!

6m bell tent

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