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Notes for outdoor tourism tent

Jul. 19, 2019

Notes for outdoor tourism tent  shared from Automatic Roof Tent in China.

Tents according to the use of many types of demand, such as camping, high mountains, beaches, fishing, hunting, disaster relief, jungle, military and so on, the following main talk about camping, mountaineering tents with materials and design.

Camping tent China,  mountain climbing outside account generally use light thin polyester, nylon fabrics, so will be light, and can improve the fabric to the density of the fabric, foreign high-grade tents with 210 t to 300 t (warp/weft density), high density of the water proofing property will also be increased relatively, but also requires fine too high density of the silk, this strength will be decreased.

Outside account waterproof index is general 800~2500mmH2O, too high can affect the permeability of tents, foreign high-end tents are rarely in 2500 above. Moreover, the waterproof index of the tent is only the dynamic waterproof index, not the hydrostatic pressure index. 2500mmH2O is just the instantaneous water pressure from the rain. If 2500 water column is used, it must be leaking. I had used the outside tent of great majority tent to be able to be soaked in the rain of long time, the design of double deck tent reflected its advantage at this moment, outside tent inside collects water bead to be able to slide to the ground (if outside tent waterproof is poor, when rainstorm, outside tent inside water bead can drop directly to inside tent). According to these characteristics of camping, hiking tents are recommended not to choose a single layer, single-layer tents will slip into the water droplets inside the tent.

Camping tent China

Camping, mountaineering tent generally used light and thin polyester, nylon, polyester cotton breathable fabric. Polyester/cotton has the advantage of good moisture absorption, the disadvantage of moldy, polyester/nylon has the advantage of easy to care. Some of the net cloth is a large area inside the account, the advantage is breathable good, the shortcoming is the light is too thorough, summer only inside the account, outside can see very clearly inside, sleep easy to walk.

Camping, mountaineering tent materials used PE, ordinary nylon, Oxford cloth. Low grade PE bottom, PE is not wear-resistant, easy to age brittle. Anti - tear nylon bottom used in high mountain tents, light advantages, disadvantages of poor wear resistance, easy to puncture. Oxford cloth bottom is the most mature, Oxford cloth is nominal with the thickness index D of silk, 210D compares 150D thick, wear-resisting is relatively better, but component also rises relatively a few. The higher the waterproof index, the better, generally 2000~50000mmH2O.

Camping and mountaineering tents are usually made of fiberglass and aluminum rods. Fiberglass rods have the advantages of being cheap, but the disadvantages are easy to age, brittle, broken and heavy. The advantage of aluminum rod is light and strong, but the disadvantage is expensive. The material of aluminum pole USES 7075T9 or 7001T6, early aluminum pole can only be produced in South Korea, the United States and Germany, Germany's quality is the best, South Korea's cost performance is the highest, so most aluminum pole tent aluminum pole is produced in South Korea. A few years ago, the domestic aluminum rod is imported from South Korea, and is ordered after the set came in, later in order to save costs from the South Korea into the aluminum tube, their own cutting assembly set, also known as the south Korean aluminum rod. Recently, I heard that a former military enterprise that makes missile shells in China can also make aluminum tubes, but the raw materials are also from South Korea. EASTON7075 is printed on the original Korean aluminum rod set.

A lot of friends think tent of camping, mountaineering no matter inside tent, outside tent is pulled tight, should be outside tent relies on the rubber rope that hits the ground to nail actually pull tight, the inside tent that hangs tent rod wants a little looser, such design just has certain extend space below gale. You can check out the wind tunnel test in the MSR tent.

Matters needing attention

When putting up tent, outside account must stretch out straight, avoid to have contact with inside account, the water bead of inside waterproof outside account penetrates inside account; Tents should not be exposed to the sun at high temperature, and the undercloth should not be put on the beach and ground at high temperature, so as to prevent the aging of PU and reduce the waterproof performance; When the tent, to slowly roll, to have direction to drive away the air inside the tent, if the air in the case of no exit roll tent, air can only break out of the waterproof layer, which will greatly affect the waterproof performance.

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