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Choose a rain tent has a clever way, we teach you!

Aug. 14, 2019

Choose a rain tent has a clever way, we teach you!

Every year the rainy season is very long, rain after rain, has not yet waited for another and exhausted, and then another rain. Continuous water on the road has caused a certain impact on traffic, transportation is more of a problem. Many products must not be exposed to rain, or they will go moldy. In response, many drivers, logistics companies are hesitant to choose what kind of tents. In real life, the common tarpaulin is Canvas Tent, PVC tarpaulin, PE tarpaulin.

The above three kinds of tents have their own characteristics, but also have their own shortcomings. Canvas tarpaulin can be divided into three kinds: poly-cotton tarpaulin, pure cotton tarpaulin, polyester tarpaulin

Canvas Tent Manufacturer shares that the cotton-polyester canvas cover is thick and wear-resistant canvas, which can be waterproof.

Car Roof Tents China

Car Roof Tents China

Cotton canvas cloth has the advantages of wear-resisting, durable, tear resistant and waterproof. High density can prevent rain and can be used as military canvas.

Polyester canvas tarpaulin is a lightweight tarpaulin, which is waterproof and tear resistant.

In order to meet the requirements of strict rainproof conditions for many goods, we have launched PVC tarpaulin, which has advantages and disadvantages according to different grams and materials.

PVC launched three anti - cloth is canvas can not reach, PVC absolute anti - rain effect is very superior to canvas. But overall, PVC lasts less than half as long as canvas.

Car Roof Tents China is to meet the needs of customers using light and rainproof cover and production, its function is also very superior, but wear resistance is not as good as the first two, life is the shortest of the three types of cover.

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