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What if the inflatable tent leaks?

Sep. 06, 2019

What if the inflatable tent leaks?

If you find air leakage in the 4 Persons Inflatable Tent, you can clean the air column first, and then smear the surface with soapy water to check the air leakage point. If the leak point is a very small hole, you can use a small piece of circular repair cloth, and then brush a little glue, after the glue dried (important, must be waiting for the special glue dried) on the leak point, bonding tightly. If the leak is at the hot joint of the air column, it can be handled by the following steps:

1. Clean the bonding surface first.

2, inflatable tent will be with bottle glue, 2 Persons Inflatable Tent air column special glue, brush it on the pre-adhesive surface, must be coated evenly, the thickness is appropriate, brush figure two times, you can glue.

3. The shape of the adhesive interface shall be round or oval, and try to avoid the shape of square and acute Angle interface. The lap width shall not be less than 30mm.

4, after the glue volatilized, can carry on the bonding, the patch must level off, has no fold, carries on the roll pressure, blows flat, at the same time supplies the heat source with the electric hair dryer, facilitates the bonding. It can be inflated after 6 hours of bonding.

4 Persons Inflatable Tent CTIT03-2

4 Persons Inflatable Tent CTIT03-2

Why do people choose inflatable tents?

Inflatable tent technology

The Inflatable Camping Tent is produced by the process of adhesive bonding and high frequency thermal bonding, the air column is made of PVC double-sided coating cloth, the tarp is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet material, and it has the advantages of quick formation, high strength, fire-proof, mildewproof, anti-ultraviolet and moisture-proof. The tent is an inflatable tent, and the tent frame is an air column structure. Compared with the general metal bracket tent, the tent has the characteristics of light weight, small volume after folding, convenient and easy to carry.

Inflatable tent erection

The inflatable tent is relatively easy to set up. It can be set up in a few minutes by laying the tent flat on the ground and connecting the foot pump or electric pump.

Demolition of inflatable tent

The same is true when removing metal scaffolds. The removal and packing of metal scaffolds require more people and take longer time. When the inflatable tent is removed, it only needs to be let off naturally, or it can be pumped by an electric suction fan.

Advantages of inflatable tent

Therefore, compared with the ordinary metal support tent, inflatable tent has its incomparable advantages, such as light weight and small volume, which have the advantages that the ordinary metal support tent does not have in transportation. And its erection and demolition are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for emergency response time. Inflatable tents can also be dropped by air if conditions are too bad to reach them.

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