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What are the advantages and benefits of inflatable tents?

Sep. 18, 2019

What are the advantages and benefits of inflatable tents?

As we all know, there is a convenient product on the market called inflatable tent, so what benefits does it have? Today I will introduce to you.

First of all, the first advantage is not need to build, removed the trouble tedious manual build, as long as you move your hands to be able to automatically build, save a lot of things and not use as long as a gas line, we also have a dedicated inflator pump can blow air can also breathe in is simply too convenient.

The second advantage is the quality of our house, some of our air column material is high-strength polyester mesh cloth, combustion, waterproof, cold resistance, not to mention the quality can be used to make pneumatic jack, the quality can be imagined.

The third is the 2 Persons Inflatable Tent cover, we use 600D Oxford cloth, high density, flame retardant. Cold resistance, light blocking, rain proof, color, novel design a variety of colors can be spliced. The inside of the tent is made of 210D Oxford cloth, which can be printed with one color or one color. It can also be printed with full-screen landscape paintings. It has many new styles and is very beautiful for weddings.

The bottom is anti-scratch PVC fabric, flame retardant, cold resistant, waterproof, can be used for a long time

Overall features and benefits, convenient and fast, simple installation. Usable sex is very wide, marriage celebrates, thing banquet, banquet, activity, outdoor all ok, and small still can be used to do travel tent, convenient carry, installation is simple, quality is good, windproof sex is good simply is travel necessary.

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How to better maintain the inflatable tent?

As the weather gets warmer, tourism is becoming more and more popular. Inflatable tents China, one of the essentials of travel, are also gaining popularity. How to

Better maintenance of inflatable tent, so that its use effect is better, play a better role for travel, also become a travel

Important foundation work.

Due to the particularity of its materials, the inflatable tent is more afraid of sharp things, so it needs to be especially careful when using branches,

Needles and other items to prevent puncture inflatable tent, affect the effect of use. The tents that have been punctured should be repaired in time.

Lest the hole get bigger and cause more regret.

Inflatable tents after use need to be deflated and then cleaned. When cleaning, do not use gasoline and other play detergent, can

Use soapy water or detergent to scrub, must not be exposed to the sun after washing, need to dry in a cool and ventilated place.

For temporarily unused inflatable tents, can be cleaned and dried, according to the instructions to pack and save. Try not to fold when packing

To avoid damage to parts and connections, affecting the re-use. If the space is narrow, the inflatable tent can be rolled up flat

Store it away from heavy objects. Save the area to do a good job of insect protection and sunscreen. If space permits, so be it

Fill the tent with some air and save it, so as to avoid the adhesion of the wall of the air bag for a long time.

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