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How to make the tent more stable?

Dec. 13, 2019

Continued gales test the skill of tent construction. Many times, when mountain campers set up camp, the weather is calm and calm, but suddenly the wind rises in the middle of the night. If the tent is not set up firmly, the lighter will shake back and forth, snoring, affecting sleep, and the tent collapses, which will hurt the wealth and be dangerous.

In fact, the camping tent is stable. On the one hand, the tent fabric and the windproof rope are kept in a tight state. The fuller the tent, the smaller the "contact surface" between the tent and the wind; on the other hand, it is to find ways to weaken the wind. The tricks here are:

The ground nails have a 45 ° inclination angle-the ground nails are fully inserted into the ground, and they can be most stressed when they are tilted about 45 ° away from the tent. If you cannot fully insert the ground nail into the ground, at least make sure that the connection point between the wind rope and the ground nail is flush with the ground so that it will not act as a leverage.

Additional ground nails-The tent is constantly shaken in the strong wind, which will continuously apply tension to the ground nails, which may cause the ground nails to be pulled out of the ground by the wind rope. You can hit another ground nail behind the ground nail and use a spare wind rope to apply a force in the opposite direction to the ground nail in front, which will be more stable.

Adding wind rope-You can add another wind rope to the original rope hanging point of the family canvas tent.

The wind rope is vertical to the tent-keep the wind rope and the tent fabric at an angle of about 90 °, which can pull up the tent to the fullest and fuller. To do this, you can tie the wind rope to the higher branches around it. You can also tie the wind rope to ground nails or stones, and then use an inverted trekking pole to support the wind rope.

The wind rope is looped twice / knotted first, and then hung on the ground nails-Most of the mountain friends tighten the wind rope and hang directly on the ground nails on how to connect the wind rope to the ground nails. A more stable method is to hang it and then loop it around, or tie a knot before hanging it on the ground nail.

Bell Tent

Wind tightening cord / strap adjustment buckle - Complete tents, tent check corners adjustment buckle webbing, which is connected Neizhang and external accounts. Tighten the adjustment buckle and tighten the four corners to make the tent fuller and more evenly stressed. In addition, in addition to the tension during the installation, the continuous wind force will loosen the wind rope, resulting in the tent not being tensioned. You just need to adjust the wind rope slide in time to tighten it.

When the wind blows, they can intercept the wind blowing to the bottom of the double swag tent, or let the wind go to the upper part of the tent, thereby reducing the power of the wind to the tent. Of course, if there are shelters such as natural rocks and bushes, you have a natural haven, and you don't need a stone wall or snow wall.

Spending the night safely in the gale is not the perfect ending. If the gale is still in the camp, you still need to be vigilant.

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