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What’s Good About Bell Tents?

Sep. 01, 2018

Very fast to put up and take down

Anything up to a 5m can be easily erected by just one person

Colored canvas bell tent come in lots of different designs and colours and so they are ideal for people who like to stand out

Cotton canvas tent are breathable and help to moderate temperature more effectively

Interior space is more flexible than many modern tents as inner tents can be purchased and positioned to suit your needs

With many styles of Double Door bell tent, the sides can be rolled up for maximum airflow, ideal for hot summers days

There is a large amount of floor space, making bell tents ideal for sleeping lots of people, assuming you have no camp furniture inside the tent with you

Most cotton canvas bell tents are compatible for use with wood burning stoves

With proper care Canvas Tipi Tent will last many years

Colored canvas bell tent

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