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Can canvas tents have large environmental requirements?

May. 10, 2018

From its structural point of view, its overall structure is formed by a bracket, and there are only a few brackets in contact with the ground.

It can be said that there is so little contact with the ground. It can be said that the terrain has no effect on the canvas tent. Let's just say this, normal terrain, people can live on it, tents can be built on it. If it is not normal terrain, as long as people can live, tents can be built on top, and even some places may be uneven, but the impact on the tent is not great. In addition, the tent can be used to cool off in the summer and play a role in preventing mosquitoes. In winter, it can play a role in insulation and heating.

Topography and weather are not factors affecting it. Therefore, the requirements of the canvas tent for the environment are not great, but the factors that affect it are also, that is, the size, the place you choose may be relatively small, and in this case, the tent may not be able to reach. Now, if the place is big enough, this will not be a problem. Canvas tent manufacturer can customize according to your requirements, even if the place is small, we can also customize products for you.

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