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Canvas Tipi Tent advantages

Aug. 22, 2018

Set Up:  The fastest and easiest pitch of all!  The conical shape and sharply angled Canvas Tipi Tent stretching continuously from peak to ground relies on a single center pole.  Simply stake the groundsheet flat and raise the center pole and the tipi is well pitched for most conditions in 12 minutes.  With a few extra minutes of work the tipi can be further secured with optional guy lines to hold it down in strong winds or heavy snow accumulation.  Keep in mind, if you want to use the guy lines you will need to attach them to the tipi the first time you use it.  This one time set-up task can take about 30-40 minutes for the average user.

Take Down:  Pull out the center pole and rip the stakes from the ground in under 5 minutes. 

Packing:  Folding and rolling the Family Camping Tipi Tent tight enough to get it back in the bag is an art to master and will get easier with practice.  Once you have your strategy down it should take an additional 10 minutes to roll and pack back into the bag. 

Canvas Tipi Tent

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