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How to Avoid the Wear and Tear of The Tent?

Feb. 25, 2019

What we are going to share here today is about the use of tents such as the Car Side Awning, and it needs to be noted that the quality of the tents we use for production should be strictly controlled so that we can better To ensure the use of the tent, then the Car Side Awning Supplier here will analyze the problem of how to avoid the wear of the tent.

Car Side Awning Supplier

First of all, we can see that the joints are double-layered, pay attention to the reinforcement thickening, which can enhance the tear resistance, durable and waterproof, so as to avoid too much gap, resulting in water leakage.

Secondly, it is required to require the top of the tent to be wrapped around the top of the tent. The surrounding is covered with double-layered overlapping edging. The knot is resistant to pulling. The double-layer fixing is more firm, avoiding the opening and avoiding the abrasion or tear around the top cloth.

The top of the target is double-reinforced, with double protection to prevent leakage of the top cloth and enhance the reliability of the tent.

The four corners are double-layered so that they are not easy to wear, making the overall structure of the top cloth more stable and reliable.

The lotus leaf water-repellent effect uses high-quality high-density waterproof sunscreen fabric to maintain stable performance in the face of wind and rain, so the advertising tent is more practical.

The above-mentioned tent manufacturers here to share the contents of the introduction, are related to the issues of avoiding the phenomenon of tent wear, etc., and for the above information content, everyone is interested to understand, pay attention to us to know more information.

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