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The Waterproof Logic of Tents

Dec. 27, 2018

Each type of tent such as New Design Bell Tent has its own waterproof logic behind it. It seems that every type of tent has its own value, which is indeed the case. What materials and structures are used in the tent such as Cotton Canvas Waterproof Tent largely determines the waterproof logic basis of the tent, as well as the properties of the final product. One point is particularly important, that is, the waterproof and breathable fabrics are always a contradiction.

In the uncertain future, the waterproof logic of tents will be recognized by more outdoor enthusiasts and practitioners. The tent such as Large Canvas Family Tent that double layer breathable material makes can become mainstream likely, add between two layers use super light adiabatic material to also will become possible, perhaps this kind of adiabatic material is natural product possibly, but can be man-made product more likely, the application that does not exclude air barrier layer may become ephemeral window in a certain period of time.

Large Canvas Family Tent

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