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How to Choose a Inflatable Camping Sleeping Bag

May. 23, 2018

Choosing a sleeping pad requires prioritizing across multiple factors, some of which can be at odds with one another.

THICKNESS: Thicker sleeping pads are often more comfortable for side sleepers because they provide more cushioning under the hip bones. Depending on their length and width, it may take more breaths to inflate a very thick Inflatable Camping Sleeping Bag, something to factor into your decision.

LENGTH AND WIDTH: Most popular sleeping pads are available a wide range of lengths and widths. While large pads are often more comfortable, they’re often heavier. >Inflatable Camping Sleeping Bag Manufacturer may produce many pads ,available in longer, shorter, and wider sizes, or mummy and rectangular shapes.

WEIGHT: A sleeping pad is one of the most important items on your gear list in terms of comfort and sleep insulation. 

COMPACTNESS: The size and compactness of a sleeping pad can be an important fact depending on your style of packing and the size of your backpack. Inflatable pads usually pack up smallest, self-inflating pads are usually larger, and foam pads are the largest.

INSULATION: There are two types of sleeping pads: those intended for three-season (spring, summer, and autumn) use and those intended for use year-round. 

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