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Should I Buy a Car Roof Top Tent?

Jun. 12, 2018

Car Roof Top Tent have their origins in the African bush and Australian Outback, where they gave people a safe place to sleep and to avoid entanglements with everything from lions and tigers to poisonous snakes and spiders. However, in North America we seldom see those kinds of dangers while camping. Most American national parks have few major predators—and if you’re a frequent camper, you probably know how to protect yourself from bears. 

Hard shell roof tent are generally made from fiberglass with synthetic siding. These are the sleek tents you may have seen on Instagram—they fold down into a compact, (relatively) aerodynamic rectangle. All the models we researched had shredded-memory-foam mattresses inside, too.

Second, to use a Hard Top Roof Tent successfully, you must have a third-party roof-rack system installed on your car (some popular ones include models from Rhino-Rack, Thule, or Yakima).

Hard shell roof tent

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