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In Fact, Inflatable Tents Are Like This!

Jan. 19, 2020

Speaking of inflatable tents, you may be unfamiliar with its concept. In fact, it is one of the tents. You can see it in army command, rescue and disaster relief, and wedding sites.

2 persons inflatable tent manufacturer to share with you: Inflatable tent is a framework designed using the principles of structural mechanics, the use of gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a column with a certain rigidity, the organic combination to support the tent skeleton.

After reading its introduction, I believe you also want to know more about the 2 persons inflatable tent:

Cloth material: Oxford cloth, PVC coated cloth

Inflatable column material: PVC coated polyester interwoven fabric

Wind resistance: 6-8, safe and reliable to use

How to use: Use an electric air pump or a foot air pump. The inflation time varies within 2-10 minutes with the size of the tent.


1. Simple construction-no technical content, normal people can complete it independently, just use it until the inflatable tent is propped up, the time is about 2-10 minutes, depending on the size of the inflatable tent and the inflatable tools, such as 4 persons inflatable tent, using a foot inflatable pump, the inflation time is about 3 minutes, using an electric inflatable pump, the inflation time is about 30 seconds;

2. Convenient packaging-no technical content, normal people can complete independently. After natural deflation, use the electric pump to inflate and inhale. The inflatable tent inhales until there is no obvious gas in the air column. Roll up and pack;

3. Easy to carry-can be placed in the back seat and trunk of the trolley;

4, service life-the minimum can be used for more than 5 years, good maintenance for more than 10 years of use, is so durable.


1. Price-about 2 times more expensive than ordinary metal tents;

2. If you forget to bring an air pump, the inflatable tent will be unusable;

3. If the air column leaks due to human damage or other reasons, a professional glue patch is needed, but most manufacturers will supply it for free;

4. No other obvious shortcomings have been found;

Types of:

Frame-type inflatable tent: It adopts the form of air column frame, and the airbag is made of high-frequency heat-sealing with PVC coating cloth.

Integral inflatable tent: the side wall and the canopy are combined into an arch, and the two ends of the mezzanine open the doors and windows as needed to form a special inflatable, thermal insulation and sound insulation special tent.

Notes for use:

First, understand the correct use of tents, not use it for other purposes.

2. After using the tent, please put it away, and don't put heavy objects on it.

Third, it is best not to use it in bad weather, after all, good maintenance is the most important.

 4 Persons Inflatable Tent

 4 Persons Inflatable Tent

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