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Precautions for building a family camping tent

Oct. 10, 2019

Tent is our home that move outdoors, not only providing privacy, shelter from the wind, rain, and sheltering, but they can be used almost anywhere. The quality of the tents determines the safety and comfort of our sleep under outdoor conditions. It is very important for you to choose the right tent and standardize the construction of the tent!

If you are planning a family trip, especially for a family self-drive tour, then it is recommended to choose a suitable family canvas tent to achieve the intended purpose. Be sure to have enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably inside. On the other hand, if you are planning a multi-day backpacking trip, you don't want to carry too much burden, but self-driving camping is not the same as backpacking, we can easily reach our campsite, so the weight is not the first we consider. The opposite factor, the opposite of space and the comfort of sleep, is even more important. Think about family trips We have children and mothers who are often inexperienced in outdoor activities and have poor adaptability to the environment. If you are a family of three, you must choose at least one large canvas family tent for four people, because we still have space for daily necessities, and the height of the tent is preferably higher. It is good to change clothes inside. It is necessary to build a tent and build it. It is necessary to master some construction techniques. In order to enable everyone to correctly grasp the ways and means of setting up tents, Canvas tent manufacturer will talk to you about the standardizing the construction of tents.

Family Canvas tent

A successful tent is built in three aspects: stable structure, strong wind resistance, ventilation and ventilation. And we should pay special attention to the following important links when setting up tents:

1. After the tent is built, it is necessary to adjust the fastening webbing of the corner of the tent so that the outer bills are aligned on the left and right sides to avoid the tilting of the overall surface of the outer ledger. The whole tent was twisted and skewed.

2. After the tent is initially built, lift one end of the tent and then lower it and fix the corner. In order to make all the tents of the tent stretch naturally, avoid the tent twisting and twisting as a whole.

3. The position of the nail under the nail should be consistent with the direction (angle) of the drawstring. Avoid artificially tilting the tent as a whole and the tent is twisted.

4. The ground nails are inclined to the ground by 45 degrees to the outside of the tent according to the specifications (at least 2/3 of the ground nails are driven into the ground). The upper end of the nail is fixed to the wind rope gap and the tent is reversed to hook the wind rope. It is a good habit to build a nail that must be built.

5. According to different wind rope adjustment fasteners specifications to wind rope, to avoid the wind rope after the tent is built well (do not hit the "dead" fixed

6. Don't use too much force when pulling the wind rope initially, after all the tent ropes are pulled up. According to the integrity of the tent, the pair of wind ropes are adjusted and tightened. It is possible to tighten the wind rope by tightening the wind rope like a car tire. Wind rope). This is a place that many friends do not have a good grasp of and needs to be properly mastered.

7. Tent construction initial account and wind rope due to stretching will have a certain extension, so after the tent is built, after a period of time or before going to bed, adjust the tent rope comfort once to ensure the tent is full and stable .

8. The internal account hanging point should be fixed at the corresponding position to avoid shifting. Ensure that the internal and external accounts maintain a corresponding spatial distance. The internal account angle should be stretched as much as possible to ensure that the internal account is fully supported.

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