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Why Sleeping in a Swag Tent

Aug. 08, 2018

Nothing else provides you the liberty or feeling of nostalgia quite like sleeping in a Swag Tent. Reliable and trustworthy -- a home away from your home. Great for any circumstance, swags may be used for camping, festivals, fishing excursions, children sleepovers, a place to crash in the 21st in the nation, or even as a makeshift spare bed.

Sleeping at a swag isn't claustrophobic, particularly in the event that you decide to place up the sticks -- you wind up with something which looks like a little tent. The benefit of a swag on a little kayak is you have everything bundled into a single: sleeping bag, mattress, and shield.

Using a RV Awning Tents, every product is constructed and transported separately. Nevertheless, the benefit of a kayak is that it packs down smaller than the usual swag. I guess it is dependent upon your situation and your style of travel.

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