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About Car Roof Top Tent

Dec. 06, 2019

Car top tent supplier to share with you: the car roof top tent is set a tent on the roof of the car, the difference on the ground when he is in the outdoor camping tents, installation and use of the roof of the tent is very convenient, is known as the "roof of the house", has now began to spread from abroad to domestic, there has been a more professional brand car roof top tents, all kinds of cross-country, SUV, station wagon, MPV, cars and other types of cars have adapter products.With the development of car roof top tent in recent years, more and more new products appear in everyone's vision, from the appearance of streamline to weight reduction have been significantly improved.This effectively increases the convenience of travel.

Is the car roof top tent practical?

In fact, the car roof top tent is quite practical, why say so, although the space compared to the traditional tent (since the construction), and not so prominent, but fortunately the car roof top tent is very convenient, do not have to pack up after every rest, can be said to save a lot of time.Plus the location is relatively high, so you don't have to worry about mosquitoes and wildlife.So, it is not without its truth that the roof of the car tent is highly practical.If you're a regular motorist, it's a good idea to have a covered tent, not to mention some fellow travelers.

Car Roof Top Tent

Car Roof Top Tent

What car can be fitted with a car roof top tent?

The most basic condition of car roof top tent installation is to have roof rack, so off-road and SUV models are the most suitable, other models in addition to car roof top tent must be installed according to the conditions of the roof load rack.Generally, the weight of the car roof top tent is about 60KG, and the weight of a family of three is about 150-240kg. The roof load of most cars is calculated by tons, so as long as the quality of the luggage rack is strong enough, the roof load is no problem.It is recommended to install separate longitudinal or horizontal poles, most can achieve more than 75KG dynamic load capacity, the distance from the roof needs to reach about 100px is the most appropriate.As long as this condition is achieved, except for the A0 class or below the family car model, the majority of the above models can be (own or install) by the way of bearing the luggage rack, to add a car roof top tent.

What are the advantages of a car roof top tent?

car roof top tent has many incomparable advantages, so by the majority of travelers welcome.For travelers, as long as you have a roof-top tent, you can set up camp anytime and anywhere without having to search for a hotel. You can also save a lot on accommodation costs.Enjoy the picnic, barbecue, enjoy the beautiful scenery, lie in the tent on the roof of the car at night to see the bright stars, wake up in the morning to enjoy the sea breeze, the baptism of the mountain wind, fully enjoy the charm of camping.

Made of high-strength fabric strength and the structure of the metal car roof top tent mostly experienced wind and rain, sand testing, there is even a thermal isolation layer, can draw on off-road capability of the vehicle itself open to the topdress, gobi desert, mountains, beach, even compared to sleep in the car, obviously can save more interior space, carry more luggage, can sleep more family members or partners.What's more, the "high above" roof rack also effectively avoids the infestation of snakes, insects, rats and ants.

Hard Top Roof Tent

Hard Top Roof Tent

Precautions for installing car roof top tent:

Considering bearing performance, the first thing to consider when adding the roof tent is roof rack bearing performance, especially in the late add roof bearing rack, also need to meet the requirements of each brand in the roof of the tent installation dimension, generally recommended in manufacturer's official stores by professional technician to install, can better consider the bearing condition, suitability and power take the technical problems such as electricity. Consider the beginning ability, when the roof tent of choose and buy, want to consider their own ability, if graph save trouble, the automatic material hard top roof tents more recommended, at the same time oppressive choice has a sleek roof tent after fold, try to reduce the wind resistance. Installation, the roof of the tent ladder is generally installed in the side of the car, the left side, the right side, both sides can be installed according to their own needs, of course the rear can also block the opening of the trunk, according to different models to plan.A durable, practical roof tent is sure to give you a pleasant journey.


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