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10 tent tips you should know before camping! It's safer to watch it before you go(part 3)

May. 13, 2019

8. What kind of fabric tent waterproof effect is good?

The waterproof treatment of Automatic Roof Tent fabric is generally divided into PA coating, PU coating and calendering PVC. PU coating is to scrape PU glue onto the fabric, so that the coating is soft in texture, feels good, has strong waterproof performance and does not age. PA coating water pressure resistance is not enough, calendering PVC is a layer of PVC film pressure on the fabric, thicker and heavier, easy to crease, easy to aging, cold easy to become brittle and hard.

9. Why is the screen window placed outside the curtain door?

Tent door including the waterproof layer and reticular layer, waterproof layer set on the side towards the inside of the tent, the reticular layer is set on one side of toward the tent outside this kind of structure can make people living outdoors in tents have a rest, when encountered some windy or rainy weather, can from inside the tent pull the waterproof layer, when it's sunny but by the medial waterproof layer began to breathe freely, need not out of the tents. At the same time, the reticular layer can also avoid mosquitoes and other small animals into the tent caused trouble to people.

Automatic roof tent CARTT06

10. Can the stove be used in the tent?

Can't. Tent fabrics more use polyester fiber, flammable, so the tent and the tent around the need for no fire, the use of stoves should be away from the tent, and should be in the tent under the tuyere

With the necessary knowledge camping can be fun. Automatic Roof Tent in China will continue to introduce the relevant knowledge about the tent, please pay attention to oh ~

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