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[Canvas tent supplier]How to set up a canvas tent?

Jun. 20, 2019

How to set up a canvas tent?

The most practical way to set up a canvas tent:

As a professional manufacturer of canvas tents in China, Playdo would like to introduce you the construction method of canvas tents.

First, open the canvas tent body packaging bag and frame packaging bag, take out the product packaging sheet and count the number of each part. Take out 8 general rods and three groups of end bracket tee and middle bracket tee which have been pressed and fixed well into three groups of herringbone and connect them. Take 4 general rods and end frame tee and middle frame tee to form the frame. The whole cotton inner liner is set on three groups of herringbone frame, and the position is adjusted so that the top of the cotton inner cover is aligned with the middle pole of herringbone frame. Place the top of the outer canopy on the outside of three groups of herringbone cotton inner bladder, and adjust the position. Take 6 vertical poles and insert them into the three ends and the four ends of the middle frame respectively. Use 6 people to prop up the awning at the same time and connect them with the ground pole through head. Glue the side wall of the cotton inner bladder and the gable of the cotton inner bladder with nylon adhesive buckle, and adjust the position.

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Then, the binding belt of each pole position of the single awning body is passed through the copper awning ring of the cotton inner bladder and then bound on each pole. Bind the belt of each part tightly, fasten the nylon zipper, and adjust the position of the tent to connect with each frame member. Glue the side wall and gable of the inner bladder of the floor tent with nylon fastener. Drive into the triangular pile at the corresponding position on the ground, fix the tension rope, adjust the tightness, and cover the rubber and plastic pile head on the end face of the triangular pile. Arrange the tent and cover it with earth around it.

During this period, there are some matters needing to be reminded:

First choose camp, account inside the tent flat out on the floor, generally is the internal account, but there are some first hang outside the tent up inside the drill into the account, in principle is the need to wear a tent pole of the layer, the folding tent pole, tall straight, with a long stem, according to the directions wear into the tent curtain rod set above, common tent is cross tees.

Of course, the most important thing to set up canvas tent is safety, to choose away from cliffs, steep ridges, trees, more open level, easy to drainage dry terrain camp, can prevent rockfall, landslides, torrential rain and wild animals, snakes and rats infestation. All around the tent to dig drainage, according to the wind direction to choose the opening of the tent, put up a good tent after the nail, hang good wind rope.

The leading manufacturer of canvas tent - Playdo, please consult us if you have any questions.

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