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What are the advantages of hard shell roof tent

Sep. 07, 2017

With the continuous warming up of self driving tour, the roof tent becomes one of the optional equipment for traveling friends, and gradually gets people's favor. Then what are the advantages of hard shell roof tent?

1, roof tents instead of expensive RV, and avoid going out of the hotel can not afford to worry about.

2, compared to the ground tent, the car roof top tent is placed on the roof, as long as the vehicle can reach the place, you can put up tents, camping, convenient and quick.

3, compared to the ground tent in humid environment, the placement of the tent on the roof, soft mattress comfort collocation, superior.

hard shell roof tent

4, in the field to avoid the ground tent will encounter snake bites, dangerous wild beasts.

5, on the roof, more open field of vision, viewing the landscape, taking pictures, more comfortable.

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