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How Much Does The Roof Curtain Really Weigh?

Mar. 14, 2019

There are two answers to this question. The weight of the Hard Top Roof Tent itself is between 25 and 40KG, and the weight on the car is unknown to me, let alone several hundred kg. Why two Numbers? Why is there such a big gap? This involves the concepts of static weight and dynamic weight. Dynamic weight! Dynamic weight! Dynamic weight! Say the important things three times. The weight of the roof tent itself is only about 25-40 kg. The weight of different brands and models is slightly different, but the heaviest weight is about 40 kg. This is not a big weight, even the top of an ordinary car can bear.

Hard Top Roof Tent

So what is dynamic weight? How do you get hundreds of kilograms of dynamic weight? First of all, if two people live on the roof of the Quick Camping Tent, the weight will soar to more than 100 kilograms. If night heukbong high, the flower before the moon and then on a whim, the car top tent instant downforce may reach more than 200 kg. Don't be afraid of, at that time you could rack "kaka", but the general car roofs and rack still no problems, even  car stuck in the threshold of modified rack. Is there more weight? There are! And it's so big you can't even think about it, it's really dynamic weight. Normal car at 60 km/H speed through the speed bumps, the tires on the impact to speed up to several tons, even with the tire, shock absorber to buffer, conduction to the impact of the body is also calculated in tons, while the impact between the account directly leads to the roof and rack fixed on a power here how much? I don't have a number, but I'm sure it's not a few hundred kilograms.

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