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How can canvas tents be made stronger?

May. 28, 2019

How can canvas tents be made stronger?

When the work pressure is high, choose to take the tent to go out to explore, seek different sensory stimulation, has become a popular way. Canvas tents, mainly used for shelter from wind and rain, are most common. So how should Canvas Tent in China build the strongest?

If you want to build a strong canvas tent, you must first understand the concept of the canvas tent, that is, to know what are the components of the canvas tent and what these components are used for. One is the tent pillar, pillar is also a pillar, general tent has two pillars, it is used to fix the tent. The second is the roof, the general top of the tent are round spires, which is conducive to drainage. Third, the door is an important part of the tent, is the entrance and exit of people. The tent is also made up of frames, walls, ropes, etc.

Canvas Tent in China

Each tent is set up in a different way. When setting up a tent, choose a good campsite, usually in a flat area on high ground, and avoid river Banks or valleys where there are safety hazards. Pillars are the backbone of a canvas tent because the rest of the structure is built around them. The posts must be firmly planted. The canvas tent is supported entirely by a skeleton because the canvas is too soft to support the tent.

The skeleton of the canvas tent consists mainly of iron poles. These poles are connected by various connecting materials to support the tent. Tent door is very easy to install, some tent door is not installed, is directly brought, just need to zip it. But some tents don't have doors. We need to make a simple door.

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