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How About An Inflatable Camping Tent?

Apr. 10, 2020

Everyone must be familiar with tents. Many campers now use tents. But we don't know much about his classification. So what are the categories we can choose from? Inflatable camping sleeping bag manufacturer introduces you.

The first type: triangle tent

The front and back of this type of tent use herringbone iron tube as a bracket, and the middle frame is connected with a horizontal bar to support the internal tent and install the external tent. This is the most common tent style in the early days.

The second type: dome-shaped tent

This type of tent is supported by double poles and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It is currently the most popular style on the market.

The third kind: hexagonal tent

This type of tent adopts three or four pole cross support, and some adopts six pole design, which emphasizes the stability of the tent and is a common style of "alpine type" tents.

The fourth type: bottom tent

This type of tent is like a small boat that is overturned after being propped up, and it can be divided into two or three poles with different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom, and the two ends are the hall shed. One of the tent styles.

Fifth type: roof tent

This type of tent is shaped like an independent small tile house, and the support is usually four corners and four columns, and a ridge-like structural roof is placed on it. This type of tent is generally tall and bulky, suitable for driving families or relatively fixed field operations camping Used, so it is called a car tent.

Inflatable camping tent generally adopts the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, use the gas pressure characteristics to inflate the airbag to form a rigid column, and prop up the skeleton of the inflatable tent through organic combination. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the load-bearing size of the tent can be set; the performance of the polymer coating used determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigidity of the frame; and the rationality of the air chamber setting determines Up to the limit of the entire frame.

Various valves (inflation valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, safety method, etc.) determine the manifestation of the overall performance of the inflatable tent, such as: the speed of inflation, the speed of exhaust, the constraints of inflation limit, air tightness The advantages and disadvantages, the adaptability of the valve in a special environment ... etc., and the selection of various valve materials and the design of the form structure have also led to the development of charging and exhausting devices. In addition, the choice of tarpaulin and the choice of tent body accessories also determine the practicality, applicability and use value of the special environment of the inflatable tent. Of course, the beauty and humanization of its products will also affect the popularization and application of its products.

While following the above concepts, applying advanced production technology and combining with modern high-frequency heat sealing technology, we have designed and produced a series of unique inflatable tents; not only to ensure the quality of its products, but also to design its appearance and other aspects more humane .

Maintenance and repair of 4 persons inflatable tent:

Inflatable tents must not be in contact with sharp objects during use to avoid scratching the airbag;

Inflatable tents are operated strictly in accordance with the instructions in the manual, and the precautions in the instructions should be followed first.

When the temperature is high in summer, the air volume should not exceed the above-mentioned standard, and the air volume should be checked at any time. When the pressure is too high, the gas should be properly deflated; when the temperature is slightly lower in winter and morning, appropriate pressure should be paid attention to avoid affecting normal use.

Do not approach objects and open flames with a temperature above 70 ° C (TPU products try to avoid prolonged contact with objects above 50 ° C).

4 Persons Inflatable Tent

4 Persons Inflatable Tent

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