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How to maintain camping tent

Jun. 17, 2017

Camping tent refer to tents that can be camped out in the open, a tent that is a little more advanced than the entrance. The usual functions include rain protection, sun protection, wind protection, ventilation and temperature protection. When choosing, pay attention to the camping weather and the environment to choose the style and material of the tent, the size of the inner space, etc..

1, chemicals such as acids, bases and salts are forbidden to touch camping tents, so as to prevent the tent from being corroded, degumming and deformed.

2, tent cleaning, ventilation cool place, natural drying, do not put in the hot sun explosion drying or hot place baking, in order to prevent tents retreat gum or degumming, accelerated aging.

3, for color tents, canvas, do not contact with carbon, ink and other difficult to clean things. After cleaning, pay attention to uniform drying, can prevent discoloration.

4, clean the tent gently and evenly. We can also supply the car roof top tent, car side awning etc. Welcome to contact us.

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