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How Should the Tent Be Stored?

Mar. 28, 2020

Camping tent china is widely used, especially military tents. Many tourists will bring them when traveling, but do you know how to store tents?

The tent is an indispensable tool for outdoor camping. It is known that the tent fabric mainly has PU coating and silicon coating, and most of the seams of the tent are sealed with waterproof adhesive tape to achieve the purpose of waterproofing. Because the tent uses waterproof rubber strips, if it is folded and stored, it will bend and be pressed by external forces, which will easily cause the waterproof rubber strips to fall off. Because the size of the tent is relatively large, it is generally limited by conditions and there is no way to hang the tent.

Camping Tent China

Camping Tent China

So what are the precautions when storing and storing tents? Quick camping tent manufacturer tells you the following points:

1. In addition to cleaning the dust and attachments in a timely manner after use, the tent should also wipe off the moisture on both sides of the fabric, and then fold and store it after it is completely dry.

This is very important. If it is stored under dry conditions, it will easily cause problems such as mold mildew and adhesion. Affect the life of the tent!

2. After the tent is completely dry and folded, try not to place other items on the tent, so as not to bend the waterproof rubber strip material.

Debonding due to permanent fatigue. I think many friends have more than one tent. This special storage is also conducive to the generalized storage of equipment.

3. Take the tent out of the sun regularly or irregularly (avoid direct sunlight) for half a day, rearrange it, and then fold it for storage. The benefits are:

It can prevent mildew and adhesion of the tent fabric, and can make the waterproof and pressure-sensitive adhesive strips at the bend of the tent not produce permanent fatigue and prolong the overall service life of the tent.

4. After the tent is cleaned up, it is not advisable to use the original storage bag for compression storage.

The above is a tent storage method, suitable for various tents, such as inflatable tents, construction tents, military tents, etc., so that they can be used next time.

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