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What kind of tent is good?

Aug. 02, 2019

What kind of tent is good?

What kind of tent is good? Is it anti-uv coated canvas or Oxford cloth? What's the difference?

Ultraviolet canvas? Oxford cloth? Following the Inflatable Camping Sleeping Bag Manufacturer would like to share for us. First of all, these two terms are unprofessional.

The tent fabric that professional mountaineering team chooses, it is the material that chooses 190D or 210D, latter is better than former, want to have waterproof coating, cent is inside account, outside account and bottom to wait a moment, the index of waterproof coating should be more than 3000 ability is good, the waterproof index of a lot of high-end tent even is in 10 thousand above. Other is the design and size, this respect has different opinions, still see utility and individual be fond of, anyhow no matter this tent does what to use, want to choose and buy according to the standard of above.

2 Persons Inflatable Tent CTIT03-1

This aspect of uv protection, I tell you, are deceptive, a tent can block the sun, can block the sun can basically prevent uv. According to the above standards on the purchase.

Color, different industries have different needs, such as mountaineering to use blue, relatively obvious is not easy to attract insects, shopping malls do promotional activities to use bright colors such as red, yellow, troops with green, camouflage to improve field performance and so on...

Oh, and wind ropes. Also depends on the material and thickness of the skeleton

In a word, choose 210D and 190D fabric first, which is reliable and durable guarantee.

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