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The performance and use of inflatable tent

Aug. 26, 2019

The performance and use of inflatable tent shared by 2 Persons Inflatable Tent Manufacturer.

Basic performance of inflatable tent:

Strong wind resistance, 100% rainproof, environmental protection, all materials are flame-retardant material, anti-ultraviolet, and simple to build, direct inflation can be used, natural air release when disassembly roll up packaging, basic life for more than 10 years.

What are the specifications of inflatable tents?

Inflatable tent is generally customized products, according to their preferences or according to the different environment and choose different specifications, colors, decorations.

Common inflatable tent specifications (length * width = square meters) are: 3 square meters, 5 square meters, 9 square meters, 10 square meters, 12 square meters, 15 square meters, 20 square meters, 24 square meters, 25 square meters, 30 square meters, 50 square meters, 72 square meters, 108 square meters and so on.

So besides these standard specifications, can we make other specifications? For example: 2*2=4 square meters 3*7=21 square meters 5*7=35 square meters 6*10=60 square meters and so on! The answer is of course yes, theoretically the smallest inflatable tent is 3 square meters, oversize inflatable tent is generally docking, such as 6*24 meters, we suggest to do two 6*12 meters docking inflatable tent, easy to use, and packaging is also convenient.

What is the inflatable tent made of?

2 Persons Inflatable Tent is composed of: outer tarpaulin + inflatable air column + bottom cloth (I will not be too worded about other details, such as: sticky buckle, zipper, rope, air valve, etc.), regular manufacturers such as Beijing guofenchun tent factory inflatable tent material is: outer tarpaulin --210D Oxford cloth, 420D Oxford cloth, 600D Oxford cloth; Air column -- high strength polyester silk folder fabric, often referred to as PVC gas densely; Base cloth -- PVC knife scraping cloth. Using different materials, the cost is not the same, the price will be different.

Inflatable tents have those colors:

For reference only; The colors of the cover are: jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, digital camouflage, red, blue, green, orange and white. The colors of the inflatable gas column are: gray, red, yellow, blue and green; The base cloth is red, blue and green. Can choose the color that suits according to oneself be fond of or environment.

2 Persons Inflatable Tent CTIT03-1

2 Persons Inflatable Tent

2. Price:

We are brand manufacturers customized direct sales, direct in the face of customer groups, eliminating the multi-layer agency link, the price is of course lower;

3. Quality:

We pay attention to the production of 4 Persons Inflatable Tent China every detail, strive to improve, before delivery through layers of testing, to ensure that each set of inflatable tent quality to meet international standards, so that customers use comfortable, worry;

4. After-sales service:

Beijing guo benchun production of all inflatable tents are guaranteed for one year, and provide lifelong free after-sales support, let you buy a set of yatuzhuofan inflatable tents, benefit life.

Guo benchun inflatable tent parameters

Size: customized

Air column: 0.9mm inflatable tent dedicated to dense air

Floor cloth: PVC waterproof and fireproof cloth for inflatable tent

Outer tarpaulin: 600D waterproof reinforced Oxford cloth for inflatable tent

Service life: 10 years

Waterproof index: over 3000mm

Technical comparison

1. 2.3m spacing, wind and snow resistance, military grade tent structure, small spacing, side tilt to reduce wind resistance, rain and snow pressure, suitable for all weather conditions.

2. The air column diameter of 35 cm is more resistant to pressure, using imported inflatable tent special gas materials, the air column diameter of 35 cm, air pressure up to 35 kpa, air pressure hit once, guaranteed for 7 days.

3. With decades of development, it has exquisite production technology, double zipper technology, and more beautiful tent

4. Strong bearing capacity, the air column can easily bear the weight of thousands of kilograms

5. Seam waterproof strips, so that your tent is watertight

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