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What Should You Watch Out For When Installing a Roof Top Tent?

Apr. 24, 2018

The first thing to consider when installing the roof top tent is the load-bearing performance of the roof rack, especially the roof load-bearing rack installed later. In addition, the roof tent is breathable, anti-pull, anti-mosquito, and anti-level 8 Performances such as wind and rain and snow intrusion are all important to understand. If the budget is sufficient, a more durable and practical roof tent is believed to give you a pleasant journey.

Secondly, when choosing roof tents, we must consider our own hands-on capabilities. If the plans are to be saved, then the roof tents made of fully-automatic roof materials are more worth recommending, and at the same time, we must oppress the choice of roof tents that have a streamlined appearance and try our best to close them. Reduce wind resistance. In terms of installation, the ladders on the roof tents are generally installed on the side of the car. The left, right, and both sides can be installed according to their own needs. Of course, the tail can also be used, but it is easy to hinder the opening of the trunk, according to different Vehicles can be planned.

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