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Is The Roof Top Tent Convenient?

Apr. 10, 2018

The difficulty of installation and use of the roof top tent is affected by the type and brand of the roof tent. The 4S shop guides the installation of the car, and the installation of the car's luggage rack should be clearly understood. An adult can take 5-10 minutes, as long as the tent is open and fixed.

The unique design allows it to have better viewing vision, is safer than traditional tents, and can reduce the beast's attack to some extent at the top of the roof. It is more comfortable than traditional tents, and the focus is still more comfortable. It is difficult to find ground camping. Absolutely stable surface, car tents will generally have a special load-bearing floor, relatively stable and comfortable. Use with Car Side Awning to bring a comfortable experience to your trip.

Car top tent CARTT02-3

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