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Methods for preserving camping tent

Aug. 31, 2017

Tents are essential for camping, and a tent can be used for a long time if you keep it well. Here are some methods for preserving camping tents.

1. When using the camping tent, clean out the tent inside and outside, mainly clean snow, rain, dust, mud, grass and insects.

2. Camping tents can not be cleaned by washing machines, but with water, hand rub, etc. Using non alkaline cleaning agent. And be placed in the shade to dry.

3. Tents don't fold regularly, because folding too regularly will make the creases harden and break the cracks.

4. Avoid the cooking in the tent. Smoking, high temperature and open fire are very harmful to the tents.

5. Avoid the use of candles and other unprotected open flame items as lighting props, try to use headlights, flashlight and special camping tent.

In addition to camping tents, we also provide roof top tent, canvas tent, which are popular with many countries.

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