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3 Amazing Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Tent

Sep. 29, 2018

1. Coordinate with the swimming pool

If you’re holding your wedding in a venue that has a swimming pool on site, such as outdoors at a hotel or a private home, placing a long tent alongside the pool could be a great way to capitalize on the space. 

2. Don’t shy away from sofas

While including furniture in your decor may sound strange at first, a few well-placed white sofas, adorned with some pillows and flowers, could very well make a unique addition to the celebration’s ambiance. 

3. Light up the night

Envisioning an evening or nighttime wedding outdoors? By renting a outdoor event Tent, realizing that vision will be a piece of cake. You can easily string your tent with tea lights and once the sun sets, you’ll have a breathtaking Canvas Star Tent for your wedding reception. 

Canvas Star Tent

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