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Quick Camping Tent China shares for you the construction tent

May. 21, 2019

Construction tent

Quick Camping Tent China shares that in the early stage, China's construction tents were raised for the needs of war and quarterage tents. Due to its strong and durable structure, suitable fabric, low cost, and adaptability to various terrains, these tents also became the preferred type of construction tents and engineering tents. The rudiment of modern construction tents is the reason for this.

(1) tent specifications: common specifications 5*10 5X8 5X6 5X4 3X4 2*3

(2) the tent has a reasonable structure, safe and reliable use, and can withstand the load of 8 grade wind and 8 cm thick snow.

Quick Camping Tent China

(3) the tent is made of steel frame structure, simple in structure and convenient for installation and collection. It can be set up or removed in about 20 minutes by 4 people.

(4) two tents (cloth bag + steel frame), packing volume 0.8m3.

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