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10 tent tips you should know before camping! It's safer to watch it before you go(part 2)

May. 05, 2019

4. How should the wind rope use?

Car Roof Top Tent exporter shares that put the non-slip end of the windbreak rope into the buttonhole of the tent, fasten it tightly, and then start to adjust the slide end; Pull out the ring rope near the end end of the slide piece, cover the ground nail and insert it into the ground to play firmly; Pull the front end of the windbreak rope tight with one hand and hold the three-hole slide with the other hand to push it towards the tent end. Tighten as tightly as you can.

5. How to use the nail?

Choose the location of the nail according to the ground situation, generally speaking, the smaller the windbreak rope and the Angle of the ground, the better the wind resistance of the tent;

Insert the nail into the ground at an Angle of 45-60 degrees, and drive at least 2/3 of the nail into the ground, so as to maximize the force.

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6. What is the function of tent skirt?

Some tents around, especially snow mountain tents, tents will be set around the skirt, it can effectively prevent the wind from the bottom of the tent invasion, so as to achieve the stability of the tent and keep warm.

7. What kind of tent pole is stronger?

Some of the automated tents use iron pipe supports, which are less expensive but heavier. The most commonly used pole type is aluminum tube, model 7001, 7075, 7178, strong and flexible.

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