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Precautions When Setting Up A Tent

Apr. 13, 2018

The Quick Camping Tentis a shed on the ground to shelter from wind and rain and sunlight for temporary residence. It is made of canvas, and it can be removed at any time, together with the support. Tents are carried as components and are assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various components and tools are required. Knowing the names and methods of use of each part, familiar with the structure of the tent, can quickly and easily erect the tent.

1. Try to set up a tent on a hard, flat ground. Do not camp on riverbanks and dry riverbeds.

2. The tent surface is best to see the morning sun in the south or southeast. The camp should not be on the ridge or the mountain top.

3. Have at least a grooved area. Do not ride along the stream. It won't be too cold at night.

4. The entrance to the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be kept away from the rolling hillsides.

5. Campsites are selected from camps with good drainage, such as sandy lands, grasslands, or cuttings. In order to avoid flooding of tents when it rains, dig a drainage ditch directly under the canopy line.

6. To prevent insects from entering, spread a kerosene around the tent.

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