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With A Budget of 100,000, Are You Buying A Car Top Tent? Still Buying A RV?

Jan. 16, 2019

With a budget of 100,000 or less, would you choose a Car Roof Top Tent? Still buying a standard trailer?

Roof tent, the price is not low, easy to carry; In addition, the Automatic Roof Tent is small in size and easy to carry. Installed on the roof of the car, when not open, the volume is smaller than a roof trunk, and will not affect the driving of the whole car. Just like the ordinary car, at most, a little high-speed wind noise is added.

The price of trailers is relatively expensive. Which one would you choose if it was you?

If you need a Hard Top Roof Tent, then you can contact us. Our roof convertible will definitely bring you an exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable travel experience!

Car Roof Top Tent

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