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The Origin Of The Roof Top Tent

Apr. 02, 2018

  Roof top tents were popular in developed countries at first. They have plenty of vacations and funds, and they love to travel (including driving by car). With the sparsely populated area, it is necessary to have a roof tent. They can rest at any time. There are Europeans who are generally taller, and it is certainly not enough to have a rest in the back of the car.

  Under the premise of the development of China’s economy in recent years, the number of private cars continues to rise, and it seems that traveling on vacation is not a difficult task. Instead, it has become a normal condition for people’s lives. There have been many donkeys in China, (close to nature, Driven by a sense of relaxation, the number of passengers traveling through Tibet by car has increased year by year, and the roof tents have also been alive.

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