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How much does the roof tent weigh?

Dec. 20, 2019

Car top tent supplier answers your questions: There are two answers to this question. The weight of the car roof top tent is between 25-40KG. I don’t know the weight of the car roof tent, Say a few hundred kilos less. Why are there two numbers? Why is there such a big gap? This involves the concepts of static and dynamic weights. Dynamic weight! Dynamic weight! Dynamic weight! The important thing is said three times. The weight of the roof tent itself is only about 25-40 kilograms. The weight of different brands and models is slightly different, but the maximum weight is about 40 kilograms. This is not too much weight, even the large roof of ordinary cars can Affordable, so we often see some cases of car roof modification.

So what is dynamic weight? How come a few hundred kilograms of dynamic weight? First, if you live with two people, the weight of the roof tent will soar to more than 100 kg. Don’t be afraid, your luggage rack may “click” at this time, but the car roof and luggage rack are still no problem, even the modified luggage rack stuck at the threshold of the car is not a problem. Is there more weight? Have! And it's so big you can't think about it, this is the real dynamic weight. When a normal car passes through the speed reduction belt at a speed of 60KM / H, the impact force of the speed reduction belt on the tire must be up to several tons. Even if the tire and shock absorber are used to cushion, the impact force transmitted to the vehicle body is calculated in tons. This impact force is directly transmitted to the fixing between the roof tent and the luggage rack. How strong is the force here? I don't have specific figures, but I can be sure that it is not a matter of a few hundred kilograms.

The impact of the speed reduction belt is large? This is just pediatrics. After all, this is just a shock or two. What if you leave the paved road and run away? That is equivalent to at least a few hundred kilograms of force repeatedly hitting the roof of the car repeatedly. I still ca n’t measure and calculate how much this force is, but my roof tent once broke 3 strengths on Lop Nur S235 For 8.8 M6 white steel screws, these three screws should have no problem with the one or two ton pull. . Is this the greatest strength? This is not! Even more frightening is the power of crosswinds. Those who are familiar with structural engineering know the principle of "thousands of standing wooden roofs", so the downward pressure is not terrible even a few hundred kilograms. On the contrary, the lateral lift force brought by the crosswind is even more terrible. This is the upward force. I often encounter strong crosswinds in Tibetan areas, northwestern grasslands, and even the seaside. At this time, the roof tent will be blown up and down, even driving the entire luggage rack up and down. Whenever I encounter a strong crosswind, I have to reduce the speed, at least I feel safer ...

Hard Top Roof Tent

Hard Top Roof Tent

How hard is the hard top roof tent? I really can't calculate the test, anyway, it's not a few hundred kilograms. If you just run on paved roads and just go to the park for leisure, you don't need to consider the weight of the roof tent. If you want to play off-road or even run in the no-man's land, then you should at least calculate your fixed roof structure according to the one-ton load, and bring the luggage plus fastened spare parts. I have suffered a lot on this issue. Of course, you can also think that I am unlucky, but this is the truth.

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