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Travel with a tent

Oct. 19, 2019

There are many ways to travel, but camping is one of the closest to nature. After the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually clear up, both the vitality of summer, and cool autumn, the most enjoyable thing at this time is to meet a few friends, family, take a tent to find a quiet place to camp. Stay in nature, in the tent side about the ideal of life, trivial daily, singing songs in the heart, to see the moon and stars, listen to the wind rustle through the leaves...... How comfortable!

Family camping tipi tent is a temporary shelter that stands on the ground to protect it from wind, rain, and sunlight. Multi-purpose canvas, together with the support of things, can be removed at any time transfer. Tents are carried in parts and assembled on site, so parts and tools are needed. Understand the name of each part and how to use, familiar with the structure of the tent, in order to quickly and easily put up the tent.Most families go out in our 4 persons inflatable tent.

Family Camping Tipi Tent

Whether the space provided by the tent is appropriate is the most important indicator of choosing a tent. How tall are you? Is the tent long enough for you to lie comfortably in your sleeping bag? Is vertical space enough? Do you sit there and feel overwhelmed? The longer you plan to spend in the tent, the more room you'll need. Camping tents manufacturers often overestimate how many people a tent can hold. A tent designated for one or two people often means that it is sufficient for one person to use. But when two people use it, they may have to throw all their equipment and food outside the tent. This is an issue that must be considered when choosing a tent.

How to choose a campsite:

1. Near water: camp rest must choose a place near the source of water, such as near streams, lakes, rivers. But you can't put your camp on a river or by a stream, especially in rainy season and flood prone areas, once the rain or upstream reservoir discharge, flash floods, there is a risk of life.

2. Leeward: the problem of leeward should be considered when camping in the wild, Especially in some valleys, river beaches, should choose a place to camp leeward, the door of the tent not against the wind.

3. Far cliff: if you want to camp in the cliff, do not plant your campsite at the foot of the cliff, as conditions prevent you from finding a suitable position in the recess, once there is a strong wind on the mountain, it is possible to blow rocks and other things down, causing danger.

4. Shady: if you live in a camp for more than two days, in good weather, you should choose a shady place to camp. For example, under the tree and the north of the mountain, it is better to face the sun, rather than the sunset sun. This way, if you rest during the day, the tent won't be too hot and stuffy.

5. Lightning protection: in the rainy season or lightning areas, the camp must not be placed on high ground, under high trees or relatively isolated flat ground.

The tent is comfortable, the choice of camp is appropriate, and our trip will be very enjoyable.

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