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The Usage Method of Inflatable Tent

Nov. 04, 2019

The usage method of inflatable tent, i will tell you.

First of all, we only need to open our inflatable tent. then, it takes about 7-8 minutes to inflate with the air inflation. generally, we don't need to fix it with the ground straps and pull cords. but if the weather is bad, we need to fix it with pull cords when there is wind. generally, it is no problem to use it for 7-8 days after one inflation.

So let's talk about what if we don't use it?  In fact, it is also very convenient. If you use the pull rope, take off all the floor tiles and the pull rope, and then we just need to use the air inflation to suck out the air (the air inflation is dual-purpose and can both inflate and inhale). This is the use of the inflatable tent I bought outside the tent. It is simple, convenient and easy to install.When we use up the tent ,and then we should Clear the ground. Do not have sharp objects to prevent the tent floor from being cut.If there are sundries on the ground, the ground can be disassembled.

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