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Do You Know How To Set Up a Vehicle Awning?

Apr. 04, 2019

Do You Know How To Set Up a Vehicle Awning?

Choose a Vehicle Awning that fits the length of your car or truck and the size of the roof rack, and also be sure to use the bracket you may be using to correct the awning.

The Vehicle Awning Supplier tells you how to install it.

First install the awning bracket onto the roof bracket as far apart as possible.

                                  Vehicle Awning

Lift the canopy onto the canopy rack and make sure the bracket is as close to the end of the canopy as possible.

Place the canopy in front of it and slide the 20mm bolt down the back of the canopy into the groove.

Now lift the awning tent onto the bracket, align the bolts with the bracket and slide them out of the hole.

The nylon nut can now be twisted a few times to hold the awning in place.

Slide the awning forward or backward until you are satisfied with the position, making sure there are enough support brackets at both ends.

The last thing to do is to fasten the nut to the bracket so that your awning can start to turn.

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