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What should we pay attention to when using a canvas tent

Jul. 18, 2017

Canvas tent is well known for durability, durability is the best for long-term residence, and wear resistance is stronger. What should I pay attention to when using a canvas tent?

1, Selection of canopy site

Tent support should be in a relatively flat area, tarpaulin factory entrances should be back to the air, the ground should be relatively dry, if a thin lawn is the best, such as the ground slightly sloping, export should be selected in the downhill, so it is easy to ditch drainage.

Canvas tent

2, support and fixed.

After the tent is spread out, it should first fix the inner tent and the four corners, so that the tent bottom can be paved and fixed on the ground. When supporting the outside account, besides the reliable connection with the canopy, we should pay attention to pull the rope and tighten the external account.

3, dig drain

When camping, if possible rains, digging drainage ditch program must not be omitted, drains should be close to the edge of the tent.

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