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What Kind of Tent is a Good Tent?

Feb. 14, 2020

Single swag tent manufacturer will share with you the classification of tents:

According to the type, it can be divided into park accounts, outdoor tents, self-driving tents, etc .;

Tents are divided according to the number of people, including single tents, 1.5 tents, double tents, three-person tents, and multi-person tents.

Tents come in different seasons, including summer tents, three-season tents, and four-season tents.

Outdoor tents can also be divided into general outdoor tents, professional outdoor tents, alpine outdoor tents, and so on.

Shopping camping accessories are mainly based on their use, considering their design, materials, and wind resistance, and then considering capacity (capable of sleeping several people), weight ...

After all, tents are not used as frequently as fast-moving consumer goods; except for outdoor explorers, most people don't use them many times a year;

You can’t just pay attention to the price because you use it a few times. The value is the most important thing to consider. If you happen to encounter a rainy wind, you do n’t know who gets the rain.

The technical indicators of the waterproof fabric on the inside and outside account are based on the degree of waterproofing:

Waterproof 800MM-1500MM can only be used for simple camping on sunny days.

Waterproof 1500MM-2000MM are more mid-range tents, which need to camp on rainy days.

Waterproof above 3000MM is generally a professional tent.

Account material: quality depends on its density. The relatively high-end Oxford fabrics must have a waterproof treatment of at least 2000MM.

The inner fabric is generally breathable nylon and mesh.

Bottom material: Generally, PE is the most common. The quality depends on its thickness and density of warp and weft. The relatively high-end Oxford fabrics must have a waterproof treatment of at least 1500MM.

Camping Tent

Camping Tent

Tent stand:

1. Elastic steel: This type is generally used for children's accounts or beach play accounts.

2. FRP stent: FRP stent is composed of polymer resin and glass fiber, which has the advantages of good formability and light weight;

However, it may bend or even break in a harsh environment, which makes it impossible to set up a tent. As long as you do not go to a very bad place, the wind level is not more than 6, which is more than enough to use;

3. Aluminum alloy bracket: Aluminum alloy bracket is relatively expensive, and of course the material is also good. It is generally used in high-end tents. Relatively speaking, FRP bracket will be more cost-effective;

Points to note when purchasing 1. Buy a tent according to your own purpose, such as summer, non-snow, snow or four seasons; the number of people the tent can hold; the space you want to have; the weight of the tent; Wait. Manufacturers offer many combinations of different sizes, weights, and designs, and you can choose according to your needs.

2. Whether the camping tent is single-layer or double-layer, it is necessary to understand the waterproofness and breathability of the account cloth. If it is completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inner account and cause small puddles at the bottom. Exhalation occurs, and it may also soak through the sleeping bag.

3. Cheap single-layer tents can only be used in the lower limit of the forest and must be quite ventilated, because the single-layer tents are completely waterproof and airtight. So it ’s better to choose double

4. Different tent designs have different degrees of support. When buying, you must consider your own use, especially during the snow season. Lightweight tents should be spacious and sturdy enough to meet some special needs.

5. Generally two people's tent is the most commonly used tent, because it is easy to carry, easy to find camps, and three or single people can also live. 6. The color of the tent should be warm, such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, conspicuous color will be easily noticed. PS: Avoid cooking in tents, especially stoves that use gasoline. This kind of furnace has a pungent odor, easily spills fuel oil, and the firepower cannot be controlled. This is a latent crisis. Especially when cooking in a waterproof nylon tent, there is often a feeling of suffocation. Cooking can also cause many small water droplets to condense in the inner tent. If there is a real need to cook in the tent, it is best to carry out between the well-ventilated tents.

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