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How to choose a durable canvas tent?

Jun. 13, 2019

How to choose a durable canvas tent

Canvas tents China are not only used in construction sites, but also widely used in ordinary people's life. Travel, adventure, picnics... There's a lot of use. So how to choose a good quality and durable canvas tent?

As the saying goes, one price one goods, high prices of the natural process of products will be better, but many merchants falsely high prices, prices are about the same, you have no choice, so or to see the actual quality of canvas tents. In general, the greater the density of latitude and longitude, the better the quality, the greater the tenacity, the better the quality, the appearance can not be too rough, generally a little smooth quality and workmanship will be fine.

How to judge the quality of canvas tent? We can use a hand to touch, soft feeling, whether very hand grinding, if people can feel very uncomfortable, laid his hand on top of this, of course, is not enough, must choose oneself to like, price quality is pass, tent cloth is actually can use per square centimeter of mm water column number to calculate, to withstand, of course, the more quality will be better. You can also verify it with water, which of course doesn't need to be detailed. Only after practical verification can we get the most correct choice.

Canvas tents China

In addition to that, not only can be waterproof canvas tents, with good quality can also shade, only in this way can meet the daily needs, we can also be validated canvas tents to the underground, how it would be easy to see the sun in his eyes, this is, of course, shade and shelter effect is not very good, only when people stand under the canvas tents, feel warm in winter and cool in summer, it is the quality through the canvas tent.

In the current canvas tent market, a variety of styles, materials dazzling, do not know the product of the people do not know how to choose. Qilu shengfan as the ministry of civil affairs designated relief tent manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types, materials of construction tents, canvas tents, advertising tents, tents and so on.

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