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New Desigh Inflatable Roof Top Tent

Oct. 28, 2020

Basic introduction:

The idea of our tent is smaller, lighter and more convenient. On weekends or in leisure time, a family or with friends will go out in the wild to get close to nature, enjoying the beauty of nature and enhancing mutual feelings. This tent provides you with a temporary and comfortable home.

There are many ways to use the tent:

tent (1).jpg

tent (1).png

tent (2).png


1. Small size, only 30 kg, can be placed in the trunk of the car, easy to carry and transport.

2. The operation is simple, one person can complete the installation independently.

3. The tent structure is simple, and the installation is firm and safe.

4. There are many ways to use it, which can be used on car roof, water surface, land, home interior, etc.

5. Large internal space, 146*220*160cm, can satisfy 2-3 people.

6. Good air permeability, with 2 doors + 2 windows.

7. Good performance of rainproof, windproof and mosquito-proof.

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