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Which Roof Tent Is The Best?

Dec. 27, 2019

Private cars are gradually gaining popularity in the country. Chinese people ’s enthusiasm for self-driving travel is heating up year by year. Many travel enthusiasts like to pursue those inaccessible places and are happy to enjoy the joy of outdoor camping. However, current outdoor travel is subject to many restrictions. The site conditions are relatively harsh. Although the RV is full-featured and comfortable, it is too large and bloated to leave the paved road, and it is expensive, and it is difficult to meet the real wild camping. For those who choose ordinary cars or off-road vehicles, It is only expedient to sleep in the car after lying down. It is difficult to sleep comfortably.

Many donkey friends have such experience. If you choose to fall asleep in the RV at night during the RV trip, the air quality of closing the window will not be very good, and the human body will feel uncomfortable; if you open the window to sleep, you will not feel safe enough.

If you choose a roof tent, there is no worries at all, the cattle cow tent roof tent is breathable, safe and comfortable, allowing you to sleep peacefully. But some people can't help wondering, what is the difference between roof tents and ordinary tents?

As everyone knows, ordinary tents need to find camping grounds and bases. Camping tents manufacturers think that these are relatively troublesome. Car top tent can solve this problem very well. It can Build a warm and comfortable home anytime, anywhere. Not only that, sleeping on the roof is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, the roof is flatter than the ground, and it can effectively isolate the ground from moisture.

Which roof tent is the best? It's like asking which dish is the best? 100 people may give 101 answers, because some people's tastes will be indifferent. When it comes to the purchase of roof tents, most people first consider the price factor. At present, the cheapest is basically the folio folding structure. As for the electric models, Z models, etc., there are many money. For families and outdoor friends, I recommend a practical and cheap folio folding model, not only because it is cheap, but more importantly, it is relatively light. Don't underestimate the weight difference of more than ten kilograms. Few people will run around this city every day. When you put it on and off, you will know how heavy the weight of the roof tent is.

 China Hard Top Roof Tent

China Hard Top Roof Tent

For self-driving old donkeys who travel a lot, I recommend this china hard top roof tent. The price is slightly higher and the weight is heavier, but the biggest advantage is that it can be used as a suitcase. Futons, sleeping bags, and some extra long tables and chairs, benches, tripods, backpacks and other equipment can be installed inside, playing long-distance camping. There is not enough space in the old donkey car for self-driving tour. With such a large suitcase, it is much more convenient. The above two models are more practical designs, and the rich and convenient ones must be the most suitable electric models of a certain brand. Which roof tent is the best? What suits you is the best. This seems like a perfunctory answer, but it is really the truth.

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