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Can My Car Be Put On The Car Roof Top Tent?Can Cars Be Installed?

Mar. 07, 2019

About the Car Roof Top Tent, we are most concerned about the question is "can my car be installed".The most important factor in the ability to install a roof tent is whether or not the car comes with a hardwired luggage rack.Remember it's hard!Hard fixed!Hard fixed!Say the important things three times.What is a hard - fixed luggage rack?It is the luggage rack fixed directly on the top of the car with screws.If your car leaves the factory without a roof rack, then you can basically give up using a roof tent, even if it is modified on the roof rack strength will not meet the standards.And in my experience, the luggage racks of sedans, crossovers, and even many city suvs are glued to the roof, too decorative to bear the load.Typically, only legitimate suvs and big-brand travel models have hardcore overhead bins, and even those models have many structures that simply can't handle the weight of a Car Top Tent.

Can you load your car into the roof?There is no problem with hard suvs, and there is no problem with the original models of international brands in urban suvs. However, it is necessary to determine whether the luggage rack is hard fixed.How to determine?Find a 4S shop or find a modification shop, repair shop to take apart the luggage rack.Don't bother. Safety is everything.As for the original model and ordinary car without luggage rack, there is a way to install it, but I sincerely suggest to give up.Don't tell me that a bunch of modified luggage rack accessories and so-and-so have been installed, etc. I have seen a lot of problems caused by the roof tent, even the car shell deformation, I am too lazy to debate this is just my experience.User manual in my "white dragon horse" said  rack bearing only 20 kg, my car is on the solar panels, batteries, bedding and so on nearly 100 kilograms, a pile of things have to use for so many years is a good reason to me to?

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