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How to Find a Suitable Camping Site?

Apr. 24, 2020

About three or two friends, choose a beautiful place, carry a tent, barbecue grill, set up the tent, everyone playing cards together, grilling barbecue. This weekend is also uncomfortable. . . .

But what should we pay attention to when we go camping? After all, it is necessary to pay attention to safety in the outdoors. It is necessary to choose tools, choose campsites, and understand the taboos of camping!

1. Essential tools for camping

Camping accessories:

1. Tent: Choose one with stable structure, light weight, strong wind resistance and rain resistance.

2. Sleeping Bags: Down or goose down sleeping bags are lightweight and have good warming effect, but the premise is that they must be kept dry. When the environmental conditions are relatively wet, artificial vacuum cotton sleeping bags may be a better choice.

3. Backpack: The secret of backpacking is that it shares most of its weight on the hips. The backpack ’s frame should conform to its own body structure and have a strong and comfortable belt.

4. Barbecue tools, barbecue grills, charcoal, processed food, etc.

5. Picnic utensils: kettle, multi-function picnic pot, barbecue grill, sharp multi-function folding knife, tableware.

6. Special tools: compass, map, rope, folding spade, flashlight, needle thread, fish hook line, machete, camera.

7. Water and food: high-calorie meats, sugars, fats, don't forget to bring salt.

8. Lifesaving box: antidote, anti-powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesics, gauze, tape, bandage.

Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Grill

Second, camping five big taboos:

1. Tie the tent to the water, gurgling stream or low tide beach, and fall asleep with the sound of gentle currents or waves. This is the ideal camping life for many people. Have you ever dreamed of it? However, if you are awake, it is very dangerous to tie the tent near the water. Rising water, flash floods and storms may come at any time, putting you in a dangerous situation. Therefore, do not tie the tent near the water.

2. Playing guitar by the raging campfire, humming love songs gently in the summer night, or lighting candles in the tent, and talking with loved ones or friends, this is the scene that has appeared countless times in Korean dramas, so you Also plan to try it out in this camping? However, do n’t forget that most of the tent materials are not fireproof, and some burn very quickly, so do not use open flames in the tent, including candles, and bonfires should also be lit away from the tent. If you want to create an atmosphere, you can use camp lights or Headlights instead.

3. In the high hills, the wind is quiet, and in the deep dark sky, stars are like gems, blinking, so you decided to put the tent on the high hill, ready to quietly appreciate the rare sight Night view? Please do not do this. The weather in the summer is changeable, and it is difficult to detect the rain, wind and thunder. The strong winds at high altitudes are the first to strike, and they are vulnerable to lightning strikes, which will make you caught by surprise.

4. Set up a tent in the green grass, breathing becomes fragrant, open the tent, you can see the tender grass swaying with the wind, reminiscent of the passing green years, is it a beautiful scene? But there are not only small grass in the grass, but also snakes, worms and ants, which will cause a lot of harassment in your camping life.

5. The elegant and colorful skirts in the Taobao store are simply designed for vacation, so you want to buy a dress for camping? Advise you not to do this. In summer, there are many insects, especially at night, it is best to wear long trousers that are close to the body to avoid mosquito bites and tree branches. If the clothes are wide, you can tie the trouser legs and cuffs.

3. How to find a suitable campsite?

1. Choose a place with good drainage and try to avoid places with water flow marks or water accumulation.

2. Choose a place where you can avoid the wind. This is to be judged by looking at the way the surrounding plants grow and the terrain. If it is found that the branches and leaves of the trees are biased to one side, or where the terrain forms ridges, there must be strong winds.

3. Try to choose a place that is flat and exposed to sunlight while being close to the water. Of course, we must also consider the factors of good landscape.

4. Riverbank campsites and valley campsites are very dangerous when they encounter rivers or waterfalls or torrential floods, so choose a place with a relatively high terrain.

5. Try to avoid mountain cliffs or slopes where sand and soil loss may occur, avoid falling rocks or landslides.

6. In thunderstorms on the mountain, do not set up camps in areas where the rocks protrude, and avoid isolated tall trees.

7. The mountainside is easy to gather moisture. The mountain mouth leading to the water is often the only way for wild animals to drink water. Therefore, these areas should be avoided when choosing a campsite.

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