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What Do You Need to Prepare for Wild Camping?

Apr. 18, 2020

The outdoors is beautiful, and the night is cool and refreshing, so many people will choose to camp in autumn. So what do you need to prepare for camping in the wild? Next, let's take a look.

Outdoor backpack

The capacity of the backpack should be between 60L-80L. Only 60L-80L can pack all the camping equipment in the bag. Although the outdoor bag has many external hanging buckles, I personally think it can be installed in the bag Try to put it in a bag as much as possible, which also plays a role in moisture protection and protection equipment. Buying outdoor backpacks is also more particular. One is to choose a good overall structure, that is, the back is balanced, so that the weight can be effectively reduced; the other is to choose waterproof, choose waterproof to protect the inside Things are not wet by rain and mist.

Outdoor event tent

For new campers, as long as they camp once, they want to camp for the second time, so you may wish to own your own tent. I suggest that online shopping is more affordable than online shopping. You may wish to choose a store with a high rating, but remember to choose a rainproof tent, because the waterproof effect of the rainproof tent is very good, and the double tent is also relatively good. Spacious and relatively comfortable to sleep.

Moisture-proof pad

The probability of finding a flat ground is not high, so a thicker moisture-proof pad is necessary, so that it will be more comfortable to sleep. When it comes to this, some people may ask why I do n’t use inflatable cushions. My personal reason is that the inflatable cushions are not easy to clean up, so I would rather choose a moisture-proof cushion to roll up and hang on the bag.

Inflatable camping sleeping bag

Sleeping bags should have a high degree of cold protection, and the temperature at night is relatively low, especially the camping sites are in the suburbs, so it may be best to buy warmth. Generally, sleeping bags are suitable for the temperature. You should choose the higher one as the standard. Purchase (for example: to adapt to the temperature -10 ℃ -10 ℃, you should take 10 ℃ as the standard, which means that this sleeping bag will be more comfortable when it is around 10 ℃), the sleeping bag is definitely to be warm.

Camping light

Outdoor camping lights are indispensable. It not only illuminates the surroundings, but also a good self-defense tool when necessary. It can also be hung on the top of the tent as a tent lamp in the tent. Outdoor camping charging power is inevitable. When the lamp is equipped with a battery, remember to buy another one, in case of unnecessary needs.


Camping Light

Boiler, pot cooker

Outdoor essential, energy source, full strength, strength, outdoor dedicated outdoor boiler, pot cooker is easy to use, simple to store, and easy to clean, if you want to buy, I still recommend BAREBONES cast iron pot, multiple functions gathering In one body, all accessories can be put into the pot, carrying no pressure.

Barbecue chat is a happy thing. Bring your own materials, which are safe and clean, and not too expensive. If conditions permit, start a barbecue by yourself and bring all the tools. You must bring water and bread, as well as small food such as chewing gum.

In camping outdoors, accidents can happen at any time. Bringing first-aid medicines is a good strategy and may not be used, but it will not be multiple in the bag. Of course, there is no need to carry too many unnecessary medicines. Outdoors pay more attention to protection rather than waiting for the use of medicines.

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