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How To Use The Canvas Bell Tent And 6m Bell Tent

Aug. 09, 2018

Canvas Bell Tent and 6m Bell Tent installation method:

1. When the nail is nailed, do not nail at a 90-degree angle. The nail should be at a right angle to the pole to have the maximum fixed resistance. Therefore, it is generally nailed at a 45-60 degree angle to the ground.

2. On the side of the tent, the bottom edge must be pulled open, and the lower nail is tightened to separate the inner and outer accounts. At the same time, the circulation of air can be formed to reduce the possibility of condensation in the account. There may not be such a design in many tents on the market. I personally suggest that you can add it yourself. The specific method is to sew a rubber rubber ring in the middle of the bottom side of the side. When you use it, you can use the nail to stretch it.

3. The ropes must be tightened, but don't tie them into knots. (A lot of friends I saw when I was camping outside were tied up with ropes).

Folding method:

To close the tent, place your palms down on any diagonal of the middle bracket. Slightly slammed down and the tent returned to its pr-opened state. Fold the four corners of the tent inward. Hold one of the three corners, turn it back and put it in the lower right corner, and finally turn the lower left corner and close it.

6m Bell Tent

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