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Bill Chang Presents Company at New Consumer Conference, Unveiling the Company Achievements

Aug. 21, 2023 Harry

The 2023 Billion Euro ZAO New Consumer Conference with the theme "Stay True to the Original Aspiration, Stay Gold" will be held from August 18th to 20th. The conference has invited numerous new consumer brands, industry experts, and others for in-depth dialogues, analyzing the current state of the industry, and empowering the growth of new consumer brands.
Beijing Playdo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., which has delved deep into the outdoor industry for 9 years, as a representative of emerging domestic roof tent brands, has been invited to participate in this conference. Mr. Bill Chang, the founder of Beijing Playdo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., engaged in a roundtable discussion on the topic "Digital Reconstruction of Cross-Border Trade: Accelerating the Pace of Chinese Products Going Global," alongside other senior experts from the industry.
Host: Please provide a brief introduction to your company.
Mr. Bill Chang:
Hello everyone, I am honored to be invited to this forum and have the opportunity to discuss and learn together with so many outstanding entrepreneurs. Beijing Playdo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2015. The decision to enter this industry was based on extensive research over a long period of time, coupled with a personal passion for the outdoors and a belief in the future potential of this industry. Initially, we started as a cross-border trade business. After nearly 9 years of development, we have successfully transitioned from a pure trading company to an integrated manufacturing and trading enterprise. We have established multiple brands such as Unistrengh and Play.Do! based on market demands and incorporating feedback and experience accumulated over the years.
Playdo has taken a comprehensive approach to address the pain points of rooftop tents. We have transformed rooftop tents from being a niche product to a mainstream one, creating a range of products spanning different price points. This transformation ensures that every household has the opportunity to use a safe and comfortable rooftop tent. Our products are designed to be versatile and can be used in various scenarios such as rooftops, on the ground, on water surfaces, as fishing platforms, bedrooms, and even for emergency situations during floods. The key features of our products include suitability for a wide range of vehicles, easy installation and removal, lightweight design, and convenient storage and transportation.
In 2023, our company officially returned to the domestic market, expanding our efforts to develop the domestic market for portable rooftop tents for household use.

Host: Looking at the platform data, it's evident that in the second half of the year, consumer interests are shifting towards "beauty, health, simplicity, and sophistication." Could you please share your insights on this changing trend?

Mr. Bill Chang:

Over the past three years, the pandemic has restricted mobility and encouraged measures to avoid close contact, resulting in the emergence of fresh and fashionable lifestyles both domestically and internationally. Outdoor camping has become one such representative trend. Observing consumer habits during the pandemic, it's evident that consumers are indeed placing greater emphasis on health and seeking products that offer simplicity and refinement, particularly those related to well-being. However, with the arrival of the post-pandemic era, consumers are displaying greater rationality and focusing more on product quality and pricing, making brand reputation a primary consideration.

Starting from the latter half of 2022, the outdoor industry has been impacted by economic downturns both domestically and internationally. Developed countries are also undergoing a slow recovery phase. Yet, as consumer habits shift, the outdoor market continues to evolve. The general public is placing greater importance on brands and product experiences. Overall consumption trends are shifting towards personalization and a simpler, more refined experience.

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